OkMEA Expense Form

OkMEA accepts only those expenses supported by an itemized receipt or invoice.

Please submit within 10 days of purchase or last day of travel.

1. OkMEA will only reimburse expenses entered online. Take very clear pictures or scan your receipts to upload them below.
2. The person submitting a form to request expense reimbursements or payments MUST:
    —– Scan and divide receipts into categories (for reimbursement, to be paid, etc.)
    —– Upload all receipts and/or invoices
    —– Submit completed forms in a timely manner
3. All expenses must be submitted no later than one month following the incurred expense. OkMEA will make NO reimbursements after June 30 incurred during the previous fiscal year (July-June).
4. You are welcome to submit this form as needed.