OkMEA Fall Conference – October 14, 2021


OkMEA Members: $10.00
Non-OkMEA Members: $25.00
College Students: Free
First Year Teachers: Free


Oklahoma City University
Wanda L. Bass School of Music
2501 N. Blackwelder


The OCU campus lies on the north side of NW 23rd, between Blackwelder and Penn, in the central part of Oklahoma City.

From Penn
– Go north on Penn and turn right onto 23rd
– Turn left onto McKinley
– Turn left onto 25th (Bass is straight ahead)

From Classen
– Go north on Classen and turn left onto 25th


We are allowed to park anywhere on campus not marked “reserved.” There is a parking lot at the corner of NW 25th and Blackwelder, and a larger one at the corner of NW 26th and Blackwelder. OCU classes are in session which makes parking difficult! Come early!

If you get a ticket while on campus, please contact Jerry Huffer ([email protected])

Upcoming October Conferences

2022 – October 22 
2023 – October 19 
2024 – October 17