Update Region Information


Please use this form to update your Region Information including both coordinator and festival information.
Every coordinators needs only ONE phone number and email address on file – please only use your PREFERRED number and email.
You do not have to fill out all of the information every time you want to make an update. Simply fill in the information that needs to be changed. For example, if the coordinator information on file is correct, then only fill out the festival information. You will need to select your region to be able to submit the form.
If you do not have two coordinators, you can skip the second set of coordinator information questions.

Main Coordinator Information

Main Coordinator Name (for website)
Home Mailing Address
The email provided above is for internal communications. Please note that the state CTSWS Chair will use your CTSWS email address for all communication.

Co-Coordinator Information

Co-Coordinator Name (internal only)

Festival Information

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