The following information will help you understand the audition process for your All-State organization(s). Please read each section carefully as well as your division website information and the OkMEA Rules, Policies and Procedures.


Verify that your NAfME/OkMEA membership is current. You cannot enter students for auditions without being a member of the organization.

Policies and Procedures

Read the OkMEA Rules, Policies, and Procedures for your division.

OkMEA Rules, Policies, and Procedures 

Organization Website

Read the information on the website for your organization(s). Elementary and Middle School teachers must read the Circle the State with Song information as well as the directions for All-State Children’s Chorus. Check the website often because information is frequently updated throughout the audition process.

Application Deadlines

Double check the application deadlines for your group and read forms carefully. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Most groups have three levels of fees – first deadline, second deadline, and emergency. The fee rate is much higher for each student after the first deadline passes.

Entry Forms

Complete your entry forms and fees before the deadline day. All fees are mailed, and receipt of these of these fees must coincide with your audition entry form. Be sure to follow the directions for your particular ensemble. Any material mailed via USPS should be certified with a return receipt card. Do this mailing yourself – do not allow anyone else to do it. There are no exceptions for mistakes caused by school secretaries, teacher aides, or students.

Audition Materials

Find the list of materials that will be used for your auditions. Some are located in Oklahoma Music but all are on the web site for your division. Some groups will require the purchase of music. Music is carried by Saied’s (Tulsa), Penders (OKC), Edmond Music, and Palen Music (BA and OKC), and Senseney Music (Wichita).

Student Preparation

Prepare your students for the audition, beginning NOW. The auditions are extremely competitive. Each group includes selected students from the smallest schools to the largest. Some groups have rehearsal CDs available. Read sample audition judging forms, and go to the preparation sessions at conventions.

Mock Auditions

Prepare your students for audition through mock auditions at school. Be sure they know what to expect. Share the sample judging form with them before they complete a mock audition and show them how they would score if you were the judge.

Audition Day

Arrive at the audition site early. Teachers must be available to assist with the audition process as directed by the site manager. Teachers will not be able to stay only for the audition times of their students, then leave. Audition times must be observed; the student will be disqualified if he does not appear at the scheduled time.

Audition Results

Be aware of the method your organization uses to inform students who are advanced to the second level of audition and/or who make the group. Check your organization website information for second round audition information.

Throughout the process, ASK if you have a question. Any experienced teacher, the chair of your division, the VP of your division, or any OkMEA officer will be happy to help you.