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Vendor Information
Attn: Jazz Ensemble
PO Box 886
Muskogee, OK, 74402

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Student Eligibility

Students must be a member in good standing of their high school music organization. They have to attend all rehearsals and performances of their OkMEA All-State organization and abide by the Rules of Conduct. Students must be eligible academically under OSSAA guidelines at the time of auditions and at the time of the festival.

Deadlines and Fees

First Deadline – September 14, 2024
– $20.00 per student
Second Deadline – September 21, 2024
– $45.00 per student
Emergency Deadline – Contact Jazz Chair
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

November 23, 2024
Midwest City High School


Joseph Wilhelm, All-State Jazz Ensemble Chair