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OkMEA intends to have in person auditions and All-State festivals next year. Orchestra students will record a preliminary audition but participate in live second round auditions in December. Should the need arise to pivot from our live audition process, OkMEA has adopted a plan that includes a complete move to a virtual format only if absolutely necessary. We hope to see everyone in person next year.

OkMEA COVID-19 Policies

OkMEA is excited to host the HS All-State Festival this year. We are actively monitoring health and safety guidelines and recommendations at the federal, state, and local level. As new best practices become available, we may update our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 in relation to the HS All-State Festival. Below you will find our COVID-19 policies (as of October 14, 2021) for HS All-State.


Winter Conference COVID-19 Policies



Students must be a member in good standing of their high school music organization. They have to attend all rehearsals and performances of their OkMEA All-State organization and abide by the Rules of Conduct. Students must be eligible academically under OSSAA guidelines at the time of auditions and at the time of the festival.

Deadlines and Fees

First Deadline – September 11, 2021
– $15.00 per student
Second Deadline – September 18, 2021
– $45.00 per student
Emergency Deadline – Contact Orchestra Chair
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

Release Excerpts
September 19 – Posted on the OkMEA website
Violin Excerpts
Viola Excerpts
Cello Excerpts
Bass Excerpts

Post Prelim Cuts
October 17 – Posted on the OkMEA website
Orchestra Prelim Cuts

First Round Audition
October 18-29 – Record First Round on OPUS
October 30 – Judge First Round Auditions

Second Round Audition
December 4 – Final Round Auditions
Live auditions at West Moore HS

December 11 – Weather Contingency Date, Finals only

OPUS Registration Information

Please note that detailed registration directions are located on OPUS or can be downloaded here.

  1. Go to OPUS Event to create a profile
  2. Create an OPUS Profile and link your NAfME membership
  3. Log into OPUS and find the All-State Orchestra First Round event by typing “okmea” in the search bar
  4. Read through the directions on the Event Home
  5. Add your location to the event
  6. Register your students individually, by using the bulk import spreadsheet, or by customizing a Google Form for bulk entires
  7. Once your entries are complete, PRINT YOUR INVOICE
  8. Choose a payment method (credit card, PO, or check) and complete the steps involved
  9. If paying by purchase order or check, you will need to upload a copy of the PO/check to OPUS
  10. Once paid, your entries will read “ready” and will be considered complete.

If paying by check, mail the physical check with your invoice to:
All-State Orchestra Auditions
PO Box 886
Muskogee, OK 74402

When the office receives your check in the mail, the payment will be posted and your entries will be “ready

Audition Material

The string audition material will consist of four parts:
1. Scale
2. Etude
3. Orchestral Excerpts
4. Sight-Reading


Prepare all major scales, memorized, 3 octaves, slur two quarter notes (quarter note = 90) in the following format: each note is played once ascending and once descending with the top note not repeated. Note: Double Bass will play only two-octave scales. The use or nonuse of vibrato on the scale will not add or subtract points.

Violin, Viola, Cello Example:

Bass Example:


42 Studies or Caprices by Kreutzer
Schirmer Edition (Singer)
#29; Quarter note = 74bpm
*Slur 2 per measure.
*Fingerings marked are required.

31 Selected Studies by Fiorillo
Edited by Joesph Vieland
Etude #25; Quarter note = 85bpm
No repeat, no trill, no chords (top note only)
*Fingerings and bowings marked are required.

170 Foundation Studies, Vol. 2 by Schroeder
Carl Fischer Edition (02470)
#98; Quarter note = 82bpm
*Fingerings and bowings marked are required.

Double Bass
57 Studies in Two Volumes for String Bass, Vol. 1
by Storch-Hrabe
Edited by Zimmerman (International 1034)
#16; Moderato – Eighth note = 60bpm
Presto – Eighth note = 120bpm
*Fingerings and bowings marked are required.


Excerpts will be released on the OkMEA website on September 19. A prelim excerpt will be identified and the rest will be potential Final Round excerpts.

Sight Reading

Sight-reading is required at the audition. Each student will be given a thirty-second study period, during which they may shadow-bow or finger their instruments, but may not make any noise. Points may be deducted, or the student may be disqualified for excessive finger-tapping.

DIRECTORS: Please note that all directors who have students participating in the auditions are required to be at the audition and either adjudicate, monitor, or assist as needed. If you know of any string specialists new to our state that would be willing to help with the auditions please email the Orchestra Chair.

Jenn Bounds, All-State Orchestra Chair

6025 Marlow Lane
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
(405) 819-0412
*Texts are accepted