OkMEA Honors Nomination Form


OkMEA is pleased to award several honors to Oklahoma music educators and administrators at the annual OkMEA January Conference. Award recipients are selected from those nominated each year.

Only OkMEA members are allowed to submit nominations for OkMEA Honor Awards.
To submit a nominee, please complete the Nomination Form below. Nominations are due September 15.

The Awards and Recognition committee will meet to choose the recipients from the qualifying nominations. The committee will recommend their choices to the OkMEA Executive Board at their October meeting for final approval. After selection, the laureate must provide, before November 1, a picture and short professional biography to the Editor of Oklahoma Music.

This nomination will be considered for the current year only. Should the nominee not be selected this year, a new nomination form must be submitted for the nominee to be considered in the following years’ considerations. Per approved OkMEA Board policy, no nominations will be ‘rolled over’ from one year to the next.

Nominee Information

If your nomination is a posthumous award, please include contact information for the nominee's representative (Address, Phone, and Email)
Nominee's Name(Required)
Nominee's Representative (Posthumous Nomination)
If retired, put "Retired" and the school (or University) at which they last served.
If retired, put "Retired" and the school district (or University) at which they last served.
To your knowledge, is the nominee a current member of OkMEA?(Required)
To your knowledge, does the nominee meet the teaching requirements of the award nomination?(Required)
Example: To be nominated as an Exemplary Teacher, one needs at least 15 years of teaching experience (10 in Oklahoma).

Nominator Information

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Please submit a written statement concerning reasons for your nomination. Evidence of the nominee's qualifications and eligibility for the award is necessary. Please, see the OkMEA website for eligibility criteria for each award.