OkMEA Mission

  1. To ensure that every student in grades
    K-12 receives a high-quality, sequential music education, provided by a certified music educator.
  2. To provide professional development for
    pre-service and in-service music teachers.
  3. To create a better awareness of the value of music education.
  4. To recognize outstanding student musicians in Oklahoma through OkMEA All-State groups.

Directory of Officers

The OkMEA Board consists of:
– Executive Board
– Executive Director
– Financial Director
– All-State Chairs
– Mentorship Chair
– MIOSM Chair

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There are several important dates/deadlines throughout the year.
– Audition Entry Deadlines
– Audition Dates
– Honor Group Application Deadline
– Honor Award Nomination Deadline
– Oklahoma Music Deadlines
– October Conference
– January Conference

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Rules, Policies and Procedures

OkMEA has a governing Constitution and Bylaws as well as a set of Rules, Policies, and Procedures for All-State organizations and general operations.

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Oklahoma Music

Oklahoma Music is the official publication of OkMEA. It is published in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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OkMEA’s website is okmea.org is maintained by Katie Robertson.

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