CTSWS Eligibility


Goals of Circle the State with Song

  • Provide an opportunity for exceptional music students to work with guest choral clinicians on challenging music and for an exciting choral experience with other students in the region
  • Allow music teachers to observe and learn as the clinician works with the students and to share vocal pedagogy ideas with other teachers
  • Provide an opportunity for students to perform children’s choral repertoire of excellent quality
  • Allow both students and teachers to participate in the All-OkMEA Children’s Choir

Teacher and School Eligibility

  • Teachers must be an active member of OkMEA to register students
  • Any school in Oklahoma whose enrollment includes grades four, five, six, seven, or eight may enter their students in one of the CTSWS Festivals
  • You may only count the enrollment of fourth-eighth grade students. For example, if your elementary school has an enrollment of 600+ but only 200 in fourth and fifth grades, you may only bring 12 students.
  • In this context, the word “school” also applies to “home school”

Music teacher(s) may bring the following number of students per school building, according to their school building’s population in grades four through eight.

Stephanie Stephens, CTSWS Assistant

Micah Spena, CTSWS Chair