CTSWS/Children’s All-State Recording Artist Audition Information


For twenty-plus years, the talented Mary Beth Singleton has been our recording artist for the CTSWS and All-State Children’s Chorus practice tracks. She is ready to help hand the reins over to someone equally suited to the task. Below are the guidelines to audition for the recording artist position. Auditions are open to all OkMEA members with treble voices.


April 5, 2020
– Audition information available on the website
June 1, 2020
– Audition Application Deadline
June 15, 2020
– Notification of candidates


  • Auditions will consist of two pieces – “Panis Angelicus” and “Go Where I Send Thee”
    • Panis Angelicus
      Cesar Franck; Arr. Russell Robinson
      Shawnee Press E0604

    • Go Where I Send Thee
      Arr. Caldwell/Ivory
      SSA; Earthsongs

  • Auditions will also include a scale from A below middle C to first ledger line A sung on “mah” or “zah”
  • Candidates will record all voice parts of both pieces with provided accompanist tracks and the two octave scale
  • Candidates will submit all information with recordings using the Recording Artist Application

Audition Tracks

Click to download the practice tracks for the Recording Artist audition. The accompaniment tracks are included within this download.

Recording Artist Audition Tracks

Instructions for Downloading Tracks:

  1. Click the link to download the ZIP files to your computer
  2. Once the file is downloaded, you will need to EXTRACT the files
  3. On a Mac, double click the download and it will automatically extract the files
  4. On a PC, right click the download and choose “extract all files.”
  5. Once the files are extracted, you can import them into your iTunes library.


  • Recorded tracks must be in mp3 format
  • Do not speak on the recording
  • To record the Panis and Go Where tracks, use the accompaniment track provided in the download
  • To record the scale, give yourself the starting pitch, sing each pitch on “mah” or “zah” a cappella ascending only, and then play a final A chord after you sing the final pitch
  • Uploads cannot exceed 25MB

Audition Application

Click the link below to access the application.

Recording Artist Application

Should have trouble, please contact Administrative Coordinator Katie Robertson at [email protected].