Oklahoma Music Editorial Policy

Adopted by the OkMEA Publications Committee and OkMEA Executive Board (1992)

1. Oklahoma Music is an official publication of the Oklahoma Music Educators Association. It exists primarily to disseminate information concerning the organization to its members in Oklahoma, to selected members of NAfME throughout the United States, and to music educators who are prospective members. The Editor and the Publication Board serve at the direction of the organization and its Board of Directors.

2. Priorities (listed in order) for the contents of each issue are:
(a) Information necessary for the operation of OkMEA, NAfME, and the various divisions.
(b) Publication of other information necessary to music education in its broadest sense.
(c) Individual articles form members of OkMEA or officers of NAfME, or solicited work.
(d) Paid advertisements.
(e) Promotion articles from the music industry, higher education, or other groups who wish to promote specific projects not directly related to OkMEA.
(f) Unsolicited articles from persons not resident in Oklahoma.

3. The current rate card shall carry information concerning the price of advertising, and other specifications which may protect the editorial and legal interests of OkMEA.

4. Oklahoma Music will include without charge, as space and priorities permit, information from the various music education groups specifically affiliated or associated with OkMEA, as listed in the constitution of OkMEA and/or NAfME. This information must concern projects of general interest to large segments of the state membership. Need for more than one page should be cleared in advance with the Executive Board of OkMEA. The information must be worded in an informative manner, and avoid hyperbole. (Example: “World-renowned soprano.” If the soprano is world-renowned, she simply is, and it need not be said.)

5. Members of the music industry, universities, colleges, high schools, and other groups are urged to purchase advertisements concerning specific events or courses held on their campuses. Groups which purchase a full-page ad shall also receive the option of including one short article concerning the event, size not to exceed one third-of-a-page column. Other announcements will be printed as space permits.

6. All material is subject to editing for content, size, and suitability for the publication. For good reason OkMEA officers or All-OkMEA Group Chairs may request that certain material be published without editing. The editor may identify this material in the publication as unedited.

7. All material must be submitted by the stated deadline, which is one month prior to the first day of the month of publication. Any material submitted after that time will be published only as possible within the time-line for printing and mailing. The officer or organization concerned must pay the cost of disseminating crucial information which must be sent by first-class mail to the membership because they missed the publishing deadline. (Approximately $500.00)

8. Advertisers with accounts outstanding for more than sixty days may not contract for advertising in Oklahoma Music until the account is paid.

Distributed to Board, January 2002