It is time for you to review OkMEA’s recently revised Constitution and Bylaws. After attending the NAfME National Assembly, President Jeanine Gully, President Elect Leah McDonald, Past President Anne Dawson, and Administrative Coordinator Katie Robertson, presented a plan to the OkMEA board to revise our current Constitution and Bylaws. This plan involved the formation of a revision committee to make the necessary changes, presentation of revisions to the OkMEA board for approval in October, and an OkMEA membership vote for approval.
Leah McDonald chaired the revisions committee that consisted of OkMEA staff (Katie Robertson), a current OkMEA board member (Sarah Chan), and past OkMEA board members (Wes Singleton and Amber Mash). The revisions were presented to the OkMEA board and were approved at the October meeting on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.
You now have the opportunity to read the new version of the Constitution and Bylaws on our website (linked below). If you view the document in Google, you can see comments on the new document about additions and revisions. A link is also included to the old version of the Constitution and Bylaws. Comments on this document outline what was removed or moved to a new location in the revision.
As an organization, we have shifted to voting electronically. However, because the new NAfME membership system is still experiencing problems, we are not going to rely on email for this important vote. Instead, you will cast your vote when you register at the January Conference. If you are unable to attend the January Conference but would like to vote, please contact Administrative Coordinator Katie Robertson.


Questions about the revisions?


Leah McDonald, President Elect

(405) 659-9929

[email protected]