The auditions for the Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Orchestral Winds & Percussion are the same audition process. Students will audition for the first round at their district site. Those who pass this round will advance to the final round. Students will let their ensemble preference be known at this round. Final Round results and student preference will determine final selection for each ensemble.

With the traditional release of the upcoming year’s audition material, please take note of some changes in the scale requirements for first round auditions, approved by the membership in January. Please review the information below outlining the changes your students will see in the first round this coming fall.

PDF files of the scale set etudes will be available on the OkMEA website. The new scale sets pair a less difficult major scale with a more challenging major and chromatic scale to ensure that each set is of equal difficulty. In addition, students will not know which set of scales to perform until entering the audition room. This will eliminate any advantage experienced by students auditioning in later performance times. The four scale groups are listed below in concert pitch:

Set 1 – A–Db–chromatic
Set 2 – D–Gb–chromatic
Set 3 – G–B–chromatic
Set 4 – C–E–chromatic

Please contact Shawn O’Kelley ( if you have any questions regarding these changes.

Student Eligibility

Students must be a member in good standing of their high school music organization. They have to attend all rehearsals and performances of their OkMEA All-State organization and abide by the Rules of Conduct. Students must be eligible academically under OSSAA guidelines at the time of auditions and at the time of the festival.

Deadlines and Fees

First Deadline – September 23, 2017
– $15.00 per entry
Second Deadline – September 30, 2017
– $45.00 per entry
Emergency Deadline – Contact Band VP
– $100.00 per entry

Audition Dates

First Round – Saturday, November 4
Second Round – Saturday, December 2
*Contingency Date – Saturday, December 9

The bad weather contingency date (December 9) is only invoked by the OkMEA President. All students must audition on December 2 unless that audition date is cancelled.


District Site Locations

There are 10 District Sites for First Round auditions. All Second Round auditions are held at Westmoore High School in December.

Click here to access the list of District Sites which includes Chair, Site, and School information.


Audition Materials

Students should be prepared to play any of the four scale sets, etudes, and sight read for First Round auditions. Students do not have to play scales for Second Round auditions.

First Round Etudes
Second Round Etudes

Scale Sets (all instruments)

The original scales are correct but two labels were incorrect and have now been corrected.
Corrected Contrabass and Contra Alto Labeled Scale Sets

OkMEA Results 2017-18


Entry Forms

Entry Form – Before September 30
Please remember to fill in all areas of the registration form, including the complete contact information and primary instrument for yourself and all directors from your school. This information is vital when scheduling judges/monitors.
Online Entry Form

Emergency Entry Form – After September 30
Please download the Emergency Application, complete all information, and email a copy to the Wind Symphony Chair and Band Vice President. Print a completed copy to bring with emergency audition fees to the audition site and deliver directly to your District Site Chair.
Download the Emergency Audition Application

Gina Thompson, All-State Wind Symphony Chair

624 North Elk Way
Mustang, OK 73064
(903) 926-6943

Rusty Chevalier, All-State Symphonic Band Chair