OkMEA has only one audition process for both the Mixed and Treble Choruses. Every interested student auditions for the Mixed Chorus. The committee will place singers after the final round.

Below is a link to the updated Rules and Regulations for the Choral Division. Wording changes (i.e. replacing CD with track, etc.) are notated in red. Items in purple are rule changes implemented by the OkMEA Executive Board. If you would like a copy of previous Chorus RPP to compare, please email the Choral VP.

Rules and Regulations for Mixed Chorus and Treble Chorus (Revised 2018)

Mixed Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)

Treble Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)

Choral Business Meeting (Fall 2018)

Choral Business Meeting (January 2018)

The OkMEA Executive Board voted to allow choral students to audition on non-traditional voice parts (for example: a boy auditioning as an alto) as long as the student consistently sings that voice part in their school’s choral organization. If you have a student auditioning on a non-traditional voice part, you will need to complete the following steps:
  • Fill out a Non-Traditional Voice Part Registration Form for each student
  • Inform Wes Singleton, Mixed Chorus Chair, by email of the non-traditional voice part selection.
  • Scan your form and email to to Wes Singleton as an attachment or deliver it to your Quad Chair at the first round audition site.

Completed forms must be received before the student attempts the first round audition.

If you have further questions, contact either:


Application Information

School Entry Form – Before September 29
Schools must send a School Entry Form
with payment (PO or check) to:
All-OkMEA Chorus Entry
PO Box 886; Muskogee, OK 74402
Download the School Entry Form

Student Entry Form – Before September 29
Each school must also submit information for each student being entered on the Student Entry Form
Download Student Entry Form Instructions
Link to Student Entry Form

Emergency Entry Form – After September 29
Please download the Emergency Application, complete all information, and email a copy to the Mixed Chorus Chair and Choral Vice President. Print a completed copy to bring, with emergency audition fees, to the audition site and deliver directly to your Quad Chair.
Download the Emergency Audition Application

Deadlines and Fees

First Deadline – September 22, 2018
– $15.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 22
Second Deadline – September 29, 2018
– $45.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 29
Emergency Deadline – Contact Choral VP
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

First Round – Saturday, October 27, 2018
Northwest (Enid High School)
– Ron Wallace and Paula Kiner
Northeast (Centennial MS in Broken Arrow)
– Margie Green
Southwest (Central Middle School in Lawton)
– Debbie Wood and Lacy Reed
Southeast (McAlester High School)
– Peggy Shelby

Click here to download the list of schools assigned to each quadrant

Second Round – Saturday, November 10, 2018
– Location TBD


Rehearsal Tracks

– Student auditions will use the official Rehearsal Tracks which can be purchased through OCDA
– Kevin Zinn has produced the Rehearsal tracks that include pronunciation guides for foreign language pieces

Click here to download the Rehearsal Track Order Form

Audition Selections

Adoramus te, Christe
di Lasso; CPDL (Click for music)

The Star Spangled Banner
(extended divisi)
Whitacre, Hal Leonard

Awake the harp from Creation
Haydn; G. Schirmer

O meu maracatu
Arr. Afonso; earthsongs

Non-Audition Selections

My God is a Rock
Two treble trios/SATB divisi
Arr. Gibbs; Walton

The Lily and the Rose
From Scotia Songs
Till Macivor Meyn

Commissioned Piece (TBA)
Z. Randall Stroope

After Round Two auditions, the OkMEA Treble Chorus will be selected. Students will be required to learn new repertoire. Click here to access the Treble Chorus repertoire.


2018-2019 OkMEA Mixed Chorus Music Corrections
Audition Music

Adoramus te, Christe
– Measure 5, Soprano notes should be F# and G#.
– Measure 14, Soprano text should be “tuam”.

Awake the Harp
– Measure 8, Tenor note on the word “the” should be a D, not a C#.

O Meu Maracatu
– Measure 61, Bass text should be “ta-rô”.

The Star-Spangled Banner
– Part tracks will be included for A and B parts for two notes written in the same part, ex. Soprano 1A or Soprano 1B.  Students may audition singing either part.  Assignments of these parts will be sent once the choir is selected.

Non-Audition Music

My God is a Rock
– Treble trios will be auditioned on the first morning of the festival.
– When three notes are present for the treble parts in the chorus, the parts will be split Soprano 1, Soprano 2, and Alto.
– Measures 28, 54, 66-70, Bass clef chorus parts will be split Tenor, Bass1, Bass 2.
– Measures 51-52, Bass clef chorus parts will be split Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass.

Brenda Mechling, All-State Mixed Chorus Chair

Del City High School
1900 S Sunnylane Road
Del City, OK 73115
(405) 650-6396
*Text are accepted


Marjorie Green, All-State Treble Chorus Chair

2001 Madison Place
Bartlesville, OK 74005
(918) 931-9266
*Texts are accepted