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OkMEA has only one audition process for both the Mixed and Treble Choruses. Every interested student auditions for the Mixed Chorus. The committee will place singers after the final round.

Below is a link to the updated Rules and Regulations for the Choral Division. Wording changes (i.e. replacing CD with track, etc.) are notated in red. Items in purple are rule changes implemented by the OkMEA Executive Board. If you would like a copy of previous Chorus RPP to compare, please email the Choral VP.

Rules and Regulations for Mixed Chorus and Treble Chorus (Revised 2018)

Mixed Chorus Repertoire List (through 2020)

Treble Chorus Repertoire List (through 2020)

Choral Business Meeting (January 2020)


Virtual All-State

The Virtual All-State experience will be held January 21-January 23 via Zoom. Students will work with the conductor, sectional coaches, and other special guests on Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday. Kelli O’Hara will be offering a special session for all of the students on Saturday morning. 

Directly following the virtual experience, the students will record themselves performing two selections and submit their videos via OPUS. All videos will be collected and given to a video engineer to produce the virtual performance. Once the performances are completed, we will schedule a watch party with all students and teachers to view the virtual performances.

Accepted students will be required to attend all rehearsals and submit their videos by the deadline in order to receive their t-shirt, patch, and medal (if applicable). 


Parents/Guardians of accepted students will receive the link to register their students for the chorus directly through OPUS. They will fill out the necessary information and pay the registration fee using their credit card. If your school typically pays for All-State registration, that option will be available as well. You will receive a copy of the information sent to parents. You will also be able to monitor your student registrations through your OPUS account.

Alternates will not pay registration unless placed in the ensemble.

Registration Deadline:
Saturday, December 12 – $80.00 per student

Late Registration Deadline:
Saturday, December 19 – $90.00 per student

*If students are not registered by December 19, alternates will be called to fill their positions.

Registration Address

If mailing a school purchase order or check, clearly label it with the student name(s) so it can be matched to registration.

Make purchase orders and checks payable to:

Email school purchase orders to:
[email protected]

Mail school checks to:
Margie Green
2001 Madison Place
Bartlesville, OK 74006

Virtual All-State Schedule

Thursday, January 21

Friday, January 22

Saturday, January 23
*There will be several breaks throughout the day

Treble Chorus Schedule
Mixed Chorus Schedule

Mixed Chorus Repertoire

Great God Almighty – Arr. Stacey Gibbs
Gentry Publications 00119083

Grace Before Sleep – Susan LaBarr
Santa Barbara SBMP 1055

Treble Chorus Repertoire

Dominus Vobiscum – Jacob Naverud
Carl Fischer CM 9389

Moon Goddess – Jocelyn Hagen
Jocelyn Hagen JH-C020

Notes Pertaining to the OkMEA All State Mixed Chorus Audition Pieces

Die Onse Vader
Soprano Parts
– Where there are 4 notes, parts will split S1a/S1b and S2a/S2b.
– Where there are 3 notes, parts will split S1a/S1b and S2.
–  Measures affected – m. 28-29; m. 52; m. 59-62
– In the rehearsal track, measure 60,  BOTH S2a/S2b parts are played simultaneously.

Tenor Parts
– Where there are 3 notes, parts will split T1 and T2a/T2b
– Measures affected – m. 35-36
– In the rehearsal track, measures 35-36, BOTH T2a/T2b parts are played simultaneously.

Bass Parts
– Where there are 3 notes, parts will split B1a/B1b and B2.
– Measures affected – m. 29; m. 55
– In m. 29, the Db in parentheses will be optional for Bass 2, however, the rehearsal track is only playing the low Db for the Bass 2 part

Great God Almighty
Bass Parts
– In the rehearsal track, last measure, BOTH B2a/B2b parts are played simultaneously.
**Students may sing the a/b part of their choice, but must sing that part throughout the song.

Lacy West, All-State Mixed Chorus Chair

7710 SW Crystal Hills Place
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 560-0522
*Texts are accepted
[email protected]


Stephanie Keegan-Moring, All-State Treble Chorus Chair

6708 NW 109th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
(405) 606-5630
*Texts are accepted
[email protected]