Welcome to the OkMEA Jazz Ensemble page!

OkMEA will be using Opus Event for online auditions and adjudication for the 2020-2021 school year. Check this page often for updates and tutorials as we set up the events for the Fall.


Application Information

Entry Procedure 
1. Create a profile on Opus Event and link your NAfME membership.
2. Add your school(s) to your profile.
3. Locate the Jazz Ensemble event and create student applications by the posted registration deadlines.
4. Print your invoice from Opus Event and 
mail your payment to the OkMEA Office
*When you mail your payment, include the paper copy of your Invoice from Opus Event

OkMEA Office, All-State Jazz Ensemble Entry
PO Box 886
Muskogee, OK 74402

Your entry will not be accepted until all four steps are complete.

Deadlines and Fees

First Deadline – September 19, 2020
– $15.00 per student
Second Deadline – September 26, 2020
– $45.00 per student
Emergency Deadline – November 7, 2020
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

Jazz Ensemble (Nov 13-Nov 22):
Post Cuts
– November 13, 2020
Online Auditions Open
– November 13, 2020
Online Auditions Close
– November 19, 2020 (midnight)
Jazz Ensemble Judging (online)
– November 21, 2020
Results Released
– November 22, 2020

Horns, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Vibes

Audition Material can be purchased directly through the OKJE website.

Etudes for the Developing Jazz Musician
by Will Campbell
Etude No. 2
Stonemill Music

Lead Trumpet:
Students who try out for lead trumpet must be in the top five trumpet scores to make the band

Bass Trombone:
The Bass Trombone will continue to be its own instrument category.


Gordon Goodwin Play-Along Series Volume 4
Count Bubba’s Revenge

Drummers will also play sixteen bars each of the following styles:
Funk at 110 bpm
Swing at 110 bpm
Double-Time Swing at 220 bpm
Double-Time Swing Trading Fours (four bars of time, four bars of solo) at 220 bpm
Samba at 220 bpm
Jazz Waltz at 220 bpm

Drummers will play each sixteen-bar phrase in prescribed order, as one continuous etude, then after a short pause, play eight bars of swing ballad with brushes at 80 bpm

Sight-Reading and Improv

All students will sight-read following their prepared audition

An optional improvisation audition can add up to give additional points to the overall score. Interested students will play two, twelve-bar blues choruses in the key of F. The accompaniment source for the audition is from Maiden Voyage, Vol. 54, track #10 Tootsie (Jamey Aebersold, Inc., www.jazzbooks.com). This separate audition is optional but strongly encouraged.

OCDA Choir Rhythm Section

The selected rhythm section for the jazz ensemble will also perform for the All-OCDA High School Jazz Chorus at the OCDA conference, held the week before the OkMEA Conference in January.

Kevin Couch, All-State Jazz Ensemble Chair

509 E Van Buren Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74011
(918) 346-3591
*Texts are accepted
[email protected]