OkMEA Young Music Educator Award

This honor is to recognize music teachers who have completed no more than five (5) years of teaching at the time of nomination who have demonstrated outstanding practice of music education early in their careers.

Minimum qualifications:
1. Must have completed no more than 5 years teaching experience at the time of nomination.
2. Must be a current member of OkMEA.
3. Must have demonstrated excellence in the teaching of music, as evidenced by competition, awards, and peer or administrator statements.
4. Must have demonstrated personal and academic growth as a music educator.

Regina Kenton

Katie Robertson

Edward Hudson

Lindsey Schroder

Sarah Neely

Jessica Wheeler


Tony Flores

Megan Coatney

Levi Dobrinski
Alex Rivera

Honors Nomination Information

To submit a nominee, please complete the form by September 30The Awards and Recognition committee will meet to choose the recipients from the qualifying nominations. The committee will recommend their choices to the OkMEA executive board at their October meeting for final approval. After selection, the laureate must provide, before November 1, a picture and short professional biography to the Editor of Oklahoma Music.