2018 Practice Tracks are not yet available
An announcement will be made on Facebook when they are ready
Check back in August 2018

Each browser, and some operating systems handle audio files in a different manner. The links will play the tracks directly on your computer using iTunes. Follow the instructions below to download the tracks to your computer.

Instructions for Downloading Individual Tracks

1. To download the tracks, right click the links below and choose “Save Link As” from the drop down menu.
– To right click on a Mac, press and hold the CONTROL key and click with your mouse. The right click menu will then appear.
2. Choose where you want to save it so you can find it later – most computers default to the Downloads folder or the Desktop.
3. Click “Save” and the track will download to your computer.

Instructions for Downloading All Tracks

1. Click the link below to download the ZIP file to your computer OR save it to your Dropbox account.
2. Once the file is downloaded, you will need to EXTRACT the files.
– On a Mac, double click the download and it will automatically extract the files
– On a PC, right click the download and choose “extract all files”
3. All tracks will be in one folder “OkMEA CTSWS 2018 Tracks”
4. Once the files are extracted, you can import them into your iTunes library.

Download ALL CTSWS 2018 Tracks

Soprano Tracks
Alto Tracks
Piano Tracks
All Tracks

Cristi Miller, CTSWS Co-Chair

7324 NW 110th
Oklahoma City, OK  73162
(405) 922-6904

Jessica Cook, CTSWS Co-Chair

1901 N Ellison Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 255-3181 – Cell